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Latest Enhancements

M/D Systems, Inc. continually updates its software. Some of our newest product enhancements are listed below. Stay tuned for more new exciting features.


MD Systems Added the ability to add NPI (National Provider Identifier) to doctor records, and began ECS billing to all insurances using the NPI number as the primary provider number.
MD Systems Ecs Conformation allows you to quickly verify that M/D Systems, Inc. has received and processed your electronic claims. This new feature lets you review all the files you've transmitted and that we've processed.
MD Systems Select accounts by birth date allows you to look up accounts by their birth date, as well as by last name, and social security number.
MD Systems Monthly Financial Reports now print with color charts, that make analyzing your financial records that much easier.
MD Systems Aging and Insurance Analysis reports now also have the capabilities to print color charts.
MD Systems Medicare Secondary Claims (MSP), can now be billed electronically. This means you have the tools to meet NHIC Medicare's 100% electronic claims mandate under HIPAA.
MD Systems Track most recently used accounts. Now, with a keystroke, you can quickly access the past three accounts with which you were working.
MD Systems NDC (National Drug Code) entry available. Now you can set up NDC codes in your Fee Schedules and specify where they print on CMS-1500 claims.
MD Systems Format paper claims by insurance company To help you navigate these ever changing requirements, we've provided you with the capability to customize the way CMS-1500 forms print certain data by insurance company.
MD Systems Insurance "Appealed" feature, now allows you to switch payment responsibility back to the insurance company even if an insurance payment has been applied.
MD Systems Letter and label printing have been enhanced to enable you to design letters and labels to be printed via Microsoft Word mail merge.
MD Systems More flexibility for provider numbers by insurance carrier. You can now set up billing and rendering provider numbers by doctor for any insurance carrier and specify where these numbers will print on the CMS-1500 claim form.
MD Systems Record more phone numbers and email addresses. You can now record up to 99 phone numbers and email addresses in Patient Information and in these libraries: Insurance Companies, Referring Physicians, Alternate Statement Address, Employers, and Policy Holders.
MD Systems On-demand receipts for patient payments. Print a receipt for your patient's payment before your patient leaves the office.
MD Systems Added "Soundex" (the ability to look up a name by entering a name that sounds similar to the name you are looking for) to name lookups.
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Medical Billing and Coding

If your current system of medical billing and coding is ineffective, then MD Systems may be able to improve it dramatically. Our professional level suite of medical practice software eases adminitrative backlogs through automation. You also have the option of outsourcing your medical office billing activities to us to allow your staff get back to their important work. Your medical office administration issues and costs will diminish and your practice can return to profitability or meeting today's demands for cost effectiveness. The greatest need for modern medical offices is electronic automation systems including patient billing systems that are efficient and achieve the desired results. Learn more about MD Systems suite of professional medical office software and medical billing services. MD Systems is located near Los Angeles California serving medical offices across the Western United States.

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