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Inability to process at least 80 percent of your private insurance claims electronically.

SOLUTION: M/D Systems, Inc. software will enable you to process your insurance claims electronically to almost 200 different carriers as well as Medicare and Medi-Cal, thereby ensuring your practice prompt payment response, and maximized cash flow. We'll also keep your system up-to-date to comply with ever-changing insurance requirements.

BENEFIT: Improved cash flow and fewer claim rejections.

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You pay a per-claim fee for each electronic claim.

SOLUTION: M/D Systems, Inc. does not charge a per-claim fee. It is all part of our Consummate Support.

BENEFIT: Improved cash flow without paying extra.

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You are unable to bill electronic claims on a daily basis.

SOLUTION: We make it easy for you to send your electronic claims every day, if you choose to do so.

BENEFIT: Control of your claims.

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Your practice bills insurance infrequently (less than once a week.)

SOLUTION: M/D Systems, Inc. bills all insurance at least once a week. Daily insurance processing is also available.

BENEFIT: Increased cash flow.

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For every 50 claims, your staff spends more than half an hour preparing, loading, printing, sorting, editing, stuffing and mailing insurance forms.

SOLUTION: Using M/D Systems, Inc. software, claims files are prepared automatically for insurance submission. This saves time, and frees up your staff and equipment for other tasks.

BENEFIT: More efficient use of time and resources.

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Many claims are rejected by insurers because existing software is outdated.

SOLUTION: M/D Systems, Inc. has worked with the insurance industry since 1968. We continue to stay current on new and expected regulations. We make sure that M/D Systems, Inc. software is constantly updated to handle any new requirements. Updates are provided to you at no charge as part of our Consummate Support.

BENEFIT: Fewer claim rejections, and better cash flow.

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You are currently unable to bill secondary insurance.

SOLUTION: M/D Systems, Inc. automatically bills Medicare crossovers. Other secondary claims are printed at the same time as primary claims, so that when an EOB comes in, the secondary is ready to send.

BENEFIT: Increased cash flow.

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Your office generates patient statements less than once a week.

SOLUTION: A crucial element of optimal cash flow is the timely mailing of patient statements. M/D Systems, Inc. software automates the production of these important revenue-generators. They go out on time, even if your staff is out of the office. Yet you'll still have complete confidentiality and control.

BENEFIT: Quicker payments, and your staff will be freed up for other tasks.

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For every 50 statements, your staff spends more than half an hour minding the printer, folding, stuffing, and mailing.

SOLUTION: M/D Systems, Inc. will handle this onerous task. Statements will be produced, printed and promptly mailed from our central facility. You'll benefit from bulk mail rates. Or, if you prefer, you can mail them yourself after we've prepared them and sent them to you for your review. And, our "intelligent" statements are easy for your patients to understand, so you'll have to answer fewer questions.

BENEFIT: Gives your staff time to do other accounts receivable work such as calling insurance companies, contacting patients, and more.

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Patients don't understand statements.

SOLUTION: M/D Systems, Inc. provides you with a variety of statement types to meet all patient needs. A popular choice is our "intelligent" statement, which is easy for patients to understand. It shows which charges insurance has been billed for, the amount insurance has paid, and what portion the patient owes.

BENEFIT: Improved collections and less time spent answering billing questions.

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You have no (or few) management tools and reports with your current system.

SOLUTION: M/D Systems, Inc. software provides a full set of standard management reports, plus our easy custom report capabilities allow you to run almost any type of report you can imagine. We also offer a number of processes and reports to better manage capitated plans.

BENEFIT: Ready access to the information you need to make business decisions for your practice, and maximize income from capitated plans.

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You do not have an automated system to alert you to payment discrepancies.

SOLUTION: Our system can automatically check insurance payments to ensure that you're getting what you are contractually entitled to. You can set up numerous payment schedules based on insurance contracts you're working under. If there's a discrepancy, you can generate an appeal letter.

BENEFIT: Assurance that you are getting paid in accordance with your contracts.

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Your accounts receivable balance is more than three times your average gross monthly charges.

SOLUTION: M/D Systems, Inc. software has a number of tools to ensure your accounts are collected quickly, and make you aware when they're not. Our insurance and patient billing systems will make sure you get paid as fast as possible. But for amounts still outstanding, you'll automatically receive a summary of Accounts Receivable every month, and you can run reports to itemize those accounts that are overdue.

Optional management reports show you the aging of receivables by insurance carrier, identifying how old their unpaid charges are versus the patient outstanding balances. Plus, you can run a search on virtually any other combination of outstanding accounts that you wish so you'll be able to pinpoint problem areas and take action. Dunning messages and insurance resubmissions are easy to create. Plus, you can apply interest at 30, 60, or 90 days, if you wish.

BENEFIT: Better cash flow, and getting paid for work performed.

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You are unable to to easily access information and generate special reports.

SOLUTION: M/D Systems, Inc. software offers virtually unlimited searches on patient and financial data that is instantly available and limited only by your imagination. You can query the system regarding diagnoses, patient census data, financial information, and more. You can choose several report formats, including labels. We'll even help you create your searches. Your system becomes a practice management and research tool, not just a billing system.

BENEFIT: Ready access to valuable information.

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Your appointment scheduling process is not integrated.

SOLUTION: M/D Systems, Inc. software enables you to access information about in-office appointments as well as surgical appointments from multiple "books" at the touch of a key. Easily find the next available openings with specific requirements, and more. Appointment scheduling integrates with other system modules to better control patient flow and billing. You can automatically receive a daily report that alerts you to any missed appointments.

BENEFIT: Avoid lost income by identifying missing charge tickets and rescheduling missed appointments.

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Your current patient recall system is not automated, and it is cumbersome and/or ineffective.

SOLUTION: M/D Systems, Inc. software flexible recall system gives you a number of options for recalls including number of recurrences, multiple recalls per account (good for families), customizable messages, etc. You can input the recalls while entering charges, or in a separate recall section, and the system will automatically generate the recall notice. You can choose to send the recalls on statements, postcards, or letters.

BENEFIT: Automatic recall keeps patients coming back, maximizing income and peace of mind.

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You can't efficiently track patients who have missed important visits and tests.

SOLUTION: With M/D Systems, Inc. software recall system, you are able to track patients who need to come back for important visits and tests, and reports can be run to track patients who miss recalls or appointments.

BENEFIT: Increased revenue and assurance of appropriate patient care.

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Posting of payments is not kept up-to-date.

SOLUTION: M/D Systems, Inc. software receipt and credit entry system allows for quick keying of receipts and it will even calculate the write-off for you.

BENEFIT: Information stays current, leading to a better picture of the true status of your outstanding accounts.

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Switching from one computer task to another is cumbersome.

SOLUTION: M/D Systems, Inc. software has "hot key" capabilities so that you can quickly move around the system without leaving your current application. And with Windows, you can leave our program running and work on other software whenever you like.

BENEFIT: Maximized use of staff time and resources.

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Daily backups and month-end closes take too long.

SOLUTION: Daily backups through M/D Systems, Inc. can take just seconds. Even very large practices take just a matter of minutes. And you don't have to worry about month-end closing, because we do it automatically.

BENEFIT: Frees up your staff and equipment resources for other tasks.

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You are unable to maintain multiple fee schedules.

SOLUTION: You can maintain and update multiple fee schedules with M/D Systems, Inc. software, but only authorized personnel can make fee schedule changes.

BENEFIT: Flexibility and security in maintaining fee options.

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You do not have offsite backup in case of emergency.

SOLUTION: M/D Systems, Inc. provides automatic offsite data backup and storage on a weekly basis thereby protecting valuable practice information in the event of an office or system crisis.

BENEFIT: Your entire accounts receivable can be restored in a matter of hours.

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You don't have alphabetical lookup of information and/or other ways to avoid code memorization.

SOLUTION: M/D Systems, Inc. software provides a number of easy ways to look up information. You don't have to memorize anything. In most cases, you can access records alphabetically or by Social Security number. Charges can also be entered by procedure code or super-bill box number. Plus, you can easily access any library in the system as you're entering data, so you can quickly look up the information you need.

BENEFIT: Less time spent on data entry. Data entered more accurately. Easier access to records.

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Inability to easily track and bill co-pays.

SOLUTION: Our automatic co-pay management system ensures that your office collects the patient's co-pay by creating visibility for this crucial revenue-generating activity. When co-pays aren't paid during the office visit, the system generates a statement. Several management reports will track your co-pay collection efforts.

BENEFIT: Increased cash flow.

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Limited (or costly) system training.

SOLUTION: Unlimited training is provided at no extra charge with our Consummate Support. We'll provide beginning and advanced training on-site, and even train new staff members.

BENEFIT: No additional training fees. No worries about how to train new office staff.

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Unsatisfactory software and/or hardware support.

SOLUTION: M/D Systems, Inc. Consummate Support will give you peace of mind knowing that one phone call is all you need to make to receive complete hardware and software support. We continually keep our software updated and provide parts and labor on all hardware covered under the terms of your contract.

BENEFIT: No wasted time or added frustration chasing down who is responsible for helping you.

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You feel you're spending too much on your billing and/or computer service.

SOLUTION: M/D Systems, Inc. provides the convenience of outsourcing the processing of your billing and other paperwork, yet you retain control.

BENEFIT: Cost savings. Control without the headaches.

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Your current hardware is old, slow, and often runs out of memory.

SOLUTION: M/D Systems, Inc. will provide you with new business-class computers (including memory and processor capacity) and printers. The components we use are selected for both superior performance and overall compatibility and reliability. We guarantee the quality of our systems, and back it up with our Consummate Support. You'll get complete support with one call, including parts and labor. Your system will be reliable, and work time will become more productive.

BENEFIT: Peace of mind that you have a quality computer system that is fully supported under the terms of your service agreement.

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You cannot use outside software packages or communicate with your home and hospital computers.

SOLUTION: M/D Systems, Inc. assembles, sells, and supports business-class computers and computer networks which are compatible with today's most popular programs. With our high-speed modems, you can communicate with other computers at the hospital or at home, as well as connect to the Internet.

BENEFIT: Maximum use and flexibility from your system.

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